Getting Busy!

It’s that time of the year again, when the Legion starts doing some stuff and making some waves. Before we get to that, though, let’s talk Staring at Goats!

We started Staring at Goats way back in March, when the pandemic was concerning and we thought we were going to be chatting about it for a couple months before we switched gears. That didn’t happen for a variety of reasons and we’re still out there doing this show.

The biggest change is that Lando found himself super busy with other activities on his goat farm and his real life, so we’ve been having on special guests to join Jacob and I as we chat about our life in the plague lands. It’s been a really fun addition to the podcasting family here at Legion of Dorks. Sometimes we go deep, and sometimes we just stay at the surface level and talk about how we see the world changing as we move forward.

If you haven’t listened to that show, you should! Give it a try

Our latest anthology is launching on November 10th! This is huge news for us. Our previous anthology, Laundered: An Anthology of Monster Messes, was awarded the 2nd place price in short stories at the North Texas Book Festival. That’s right! It’s an award winning book! Therefore everyone in it is an award winning author! You should pick it up here or just read it on Amazon Unlimited. Either way, cash goes to Toys for Tots as part of our yearly charity support.

Which brings us to the charity stream! We’ve kicked off planning for it and expect to have a date soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Thank you so much for supporting us! Keep an eye out here for the latest updates! Also consider joining our community in Discord!

Staring At Goats

Shame on me for not dropping a note about this new show here sooner, but I should!

I was approached a couple months back by my good friend Lando about doing a show to cover all the insanity that is COVID-19. He wanted to point out how absurd this world is getting because of this virus, and drop a little science on the whole thing as well.

Well that little idea has morphed into an actual show that we are doing every week to cover all the insanity that is what we’re calling The Plaguelands. My brother-in-law and producer of H&H, Jacob, wanted to join as well, so here we are doing a new show about the plague.

Over the last few episodes I think we’ve really begun to find our legs and really find a voice for this show. We’re still hunting around in the weeds a bit, but I think we’re on to something pretty magical. In general, we’re having a good time with it. It feels odd to say that, but I think it’s okay to find some joy in the mess that we’re all in. We’re all seeing so much doom and gloom every day that it’s nice to just see people cutting up a bit some time.

If you want to check out the show, swing on by our page on Anchor to give it a list. Or you can subscribe on your podcast player of choice! We’re everywhere. Have fun! Stay safe out there!

– Stephen


If there is one important thing in the podcasting or streaming world that cannot be overstated, it’s the community that you build. It’s the group of people that surround you every time you hit that “Go Live” button that makes the biggest difference in whether you succeed or fail. Whether you feel like you put on a good show, or just didn’t have it. Somehow, Ashley, Jacob, and I have found ourselves the raddest bunch of folks on the planet to hang with us when we aim the cameras at our faces.

Over the last few months, I feel like our little discord server has exploded into a massive, wonderfully distracting community of fantastic humans. We started doing just a little bit more promotion that we’ve ever done. Most of it was just by joining other communities we liked and taking advantage of their willingness for community members to promote their stuff in a designated channel. I always felt bad about it in the past, but I’ve come to realize that I really appreciate it when people use our channel for that, so I’m sure these other places enjoy it as well. I try to be a participant in those groups too so it doesn’t look like I’m just mooching off their good will.

That little change has brought some of the coolest people into our group. Not only did they sign up to our server, but they stuck around. They participated. They joined us on the stream and routinely throw out funnier jokes than we do. I love the activity that surrounds us these days.

As we approach episode 500 of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come and how awesome this journey has been. All I can do is say thanks to all the people that have come alongside us over the years to hang out, laugh, and just be a part of our lives. We’re forever grateful for it.

Nerd or Die!

Hey, party people! We have some fun news!

Nerd or Die, a very popular site for streaming overlays, has made us an affiliate! I’m pretty pumped about this. Bill, AKA RunJumpStomp, recommended them to me back when we went to DragonCon, and I checked them out as soon as I got home. They’ve added some fantastic elements to our streams and made them feel a bit more alive.

If you want to dial up the production value of your stream, Nerd or Die is the place to go. With easy-peasy setups and launch scripts, you can get up and running in no time. Check them out, and use our affiliate link if you decide to pick something up. It helps us out too!

Toys For Tots Charity Drive

Oh my goodness, you guys. It’s already time for the annual Legion of Dorks Gaming and Giving drive to benefit The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation!

This Friday, December 6th, your favorite internet nerds will be sitting down to play games, give stuff away, and chat for hours to earn money for a charity that we greatly love and appreciate. We’re starting at 8am and going until around 10pm, so we have plenty of time to reach our $2000 goal! We can’t wait to spend this time with you guys and earning money for the kids.

Please spread the word far and wide that we’re doing this effort! Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram or Snapchat it! Whatever you can do to help drive folks over to the channel will be a huge help to us. Even if you can’t donate money, you can always donate some word of mouth push.

If you want to donate, please visit our special donation page! This money goes straight to the charity! We never handle your money before it goes to where it is needed.

Thanks so much, everyone! Let’s make this a huge year!

Live at NC Comic-Con

We did our third live show ever last Friday! It was fantastic! We went over to Durham to perform at NC Comic Con and had an absolute blast.

We really wanted to record this one but we had a little technical trouble and not a whole lot of time to troubleshoot it. So this is yet another live podcast that will not really be released in podcast form. Regardless, it was super enjoyable and everyone that came was so much fun.

The thing that continues to amaze me about these con shows it that we somehow manage to get people in the door who actually have no idea what our show is about, or what it is. These super fun people make their way into the room and not only stick around, but they participate and have a good time. I’m never sure how our games are going to go, and I’m always super happy with how it turns out.

I say all this to say thanks to everyone who came to those show, and I hope you find this page and check out all the stuff we produce. We’re super happy to have you, and I would love to see you pop into our discord and say “Hi!” We all sit around in there chatting throughout the day, and there’s just an awesome group of folks. JOIN US!

Dungeons and Dorks – S2E4

Kelly is back with another run recap of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We had a great time with this one, and her recaps are amazing so you should just read this. The video is provided below if you want to catch up the long form way as well!

Paused in the middle of Cromm’s Hold as the sun sets, the party stares at the fresh scale, uncertain what it means.

Winston asks, “Kizmyth? Can you tell where your badgers got that scale?”

With a look of utter bewilderment, Kizmyth shakes her head. “Yep.” She picks up the squirming woodland creatures with more confidence than she feels and boops them both on the nose.

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Dungeons and Dorks – S2E3

This recap written by the amazing Kelly Colby! If you’d rather watch the episode, check it out here!

The next morning tucked away nice and comfy in the Silver Flood Inn, our party stirs. Kizmyth hears an odd scratching sound and bolts upright. She immediately notices her bag of badgers is empty. Some gouges in the wooden floor lead her under the bed where the two young badgers are digging the walls and floor boards for bugs to eat.

For a single moment, Kizmyth wishes they were sea otters instead. Now those she could wrangle without breaking a sweat. She still hadn’t figured out the ins and outs of this forest creature, but those striped pointy noses were too cute to turn away.

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Dungeons and Dorks – S2E2

The recap of our first episode after returning from a hiatus! This is a literary achievement brought to us by the remarkable Kelly Colby, our dungeon master this season. Seriously, folks, this is a fun read.

Misty Moonraven dropped off the crew at the Lucky Lady Tavern. She paid Winston and Ieneak their agreed upon fee of ten gold each and threw in an extra gold to buy the first round of drinks for the whole party. As Misty left, she told them she was impressed with the way they all handled themselves. If they needed more work, they could find her at the Guild Hall.

Montie the barkeep, with his Irish-esque accent, was willing enough to swing whatever drinks the party desired. Ieneak had a Dwarven stout and Errias a red wine. No one seemed too bothered by the appearance of a tiefling, but it’s a largely diverse town and they’re used to non-human visitors.

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Dungeons and Dorks Returns

Starting tonight, 2Dorks is bringing back our D&D show, Dungeons and Dorks! We’re on Season 2 of our wonderful little group of misfits and their dice rolling adventures. Season 2 follows a campaign designed by our good friends Kelly and Zaepho, and stars the player characters created by Stephen, Smashie, Jacob, SubjectToChange, and CMitch!

We’ve played one episode of this about three months ago, but life came up and Summer got complicated. We’re picking up right where we left off though so expect some recap to bring us all back up to speed.

We’ll also be recording this and releasing it in podcast form for folks who aren’t able to join live. That’s a new thing for Season 2, so you won’t see Season 1 out there. I hope you add it to your podcast list as soon as we get the feed up and running.

Come join us at on Mondays at 8:30pm ET. We’d love to have you in the chat and helping us influence decisions we make! It’s going be great!